Time To Search!

We can get your home search set up by filling out the information on this page. Once submitted, I will make it so you are emailed listings that match your search criteria each day! More houses will come up in the search the less restrictions you request. An example of that would be--If you say you want a minimum of 1800 square feet in a home, how sad would you be if a dream house came up that was 1750 square feet and you never even saw it? Or you ask to see 3 bedrooms or more, but what if there is a 2 bedroom home with a room that could be a bedroom, but one of the bedrooms doesn't have a closet (thus doesn't currently meet "bedroom" criteria)? Would that be a home you wish you had seen?

Discussing the home buying process is much easier in person, but until we meet, I'm happy to send you some listings based on this search form.

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Give me as much detail as you'd like on this one- Examples like: "Nothing north of 145th and nothing south of Capitol Hill" or maybe something like "Ballard, Phinney, Green Lake & Wallingford only." I can even go as specific as a school's reference area!
Tell me any important details you'd like in your search, or ask me any questions you might have.