MY SELLERS RECEIVE A FULL SCOPE OF SERVICES INCLUDING Complimentary professional PHOTOGRAPHY and someone who really cares about their home!

The market moves fast these days and a lot of homes sell quickly. I know many potential home sellers think they will have success if they list their home with ANY agent, or even a discount brokerage. I'm here to dispel that myth! Get comes the overused cliché....but "the separation really is in the preparation" when it comes to listing homes. The main reason I do well for my sellers is that I treat your listing as if I were listing my own home. This means I do everything possible so that your property shines when buyers see it online and then in person. Evidence of my seller's success, & how well I prepare my listings can be seen here in this example:

Yard SignSMallest.jpg

All Home Sales in North Seattle for 2018:

-Average list price: $872,000

-Average sold price: $902,000

-These sales have sold at 103% of the asking price

-Average days on market: 18

Homes Listed by Danny in North Seattle for 2018:

-Average list price: $858,000

-Average sold price: $977,000

-My listings have sold at 114% of the asking price

-Average days on market: 7                                                                   

When we first meet, we will:

  • Discuss possible improvements or pre-listing projects-Which items will be most impactful and which are unnecessary. Believe me, we can find a list of 15 things to be done in most homes (including my own), but my job is to help with which might be the smartest & most cost effective. It is never my goal to roll in and suggest spending $40,000 on remodeling kitchens & bathrooms.

  • Discuss timing-This can be very important as your neighbor who got 7 offers and $800,000 for their house in April, with a list price of $650,000 may not be the best strategy for your home when listing in October. The market takes many twists and turns throughout the year and a seasoned agent can help you navigate how it will best work for you when it's time to list.

  • Discuss pricing-There are a variety of strategies and ways to price a home. This can also impact how many offers we receive, and how the overall experience will go. We will review my "Market Analysis" of sales near your home, and formulate a plan.

Once the plan is in motion, I am happy to help clear your plate and take on as much as you'd like. This means getting bids for work to be done (any projects we've identified, stagers & landscapers too), scheduling contractors and letting them in to do the work. I have a trusted network of skilled contractors who I'm happy to share with you. I will manage the whole pre-listing process to make it as stress free as possible for you. When you list with me, I am committed to a high level of communication and selling your home quickly and for top dollar!  

"Working with Danny was a stress-relieving bonus we were lucky enough to enjoy when selling our home. Each step of the way, from pricing the house, to preparing the house for listing and showing, to accepting offers, to the mountains of paperwork, Danny was there. His depth of knowledge and cool and calm attitude did much to make selling our home an easy and even fun and interesting experience."

Joy V.